A Better Way to Manage insanely complicated hardware projects

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Integrate sets a new standard for modern hardware tooling.




Integrated and detailed schedules that come together organically.




All of your collaborators, all together in one place.




Share only the relevant parts of your schedules and hide the rest.




Complex common calculations and flowdowns, automated.




Built by hardware people for hardware people.




Gorgeous, intuitive, and familiar interface.




Built entirely on US soil with best-in-class encryption and compliance.

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Who is
Integrate For?

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Program Directors

See all program statuses at a glance, gain business insights, and sell better.

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Technical Program Managers

Save hundreds of hours usually spent on redundant tasks and kill unnecessary software licenses.

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Engineers and Entrepreneurs

Quickly sketch programs, enter requirements, and see what’s ahead.

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Digital Hardware

Digitize Hardware

Quickly create digital builds, assemblies, and component objects in-app.

Store Specifications

Keep important hardware details on shareable objects as development progresses.

Upload Critical Files

Store documentation, deliverables, and requirement verification artifacts directly to your digital objects.

Rollup Hardware

Nest components under sub-assemblies to create dynamic hierarchical relationships.

Living Schedules

Schedule Everything

Add hardware objects to programs to build collaborative, high-level, dynamic schedules.

Add Milestones

Add milestones to your individual hardware objects. Milestones on nested objects roll-up to the top-level to create a complete IMS.

Smart Due Dates

When an important date shifts, all dependent milestones shift too, and everyone is notified.

Sketch Scenarios

See the implications of a change before making it, and share the outcomes with your team.

Collaboration First

Find Your People

Collaborate seamlessly with team members both internal and external to your organization.

Share What’s Important

Give trusted collaborators access to the objects or milestones relevant to them and keep the rest private.

Approve Changes

Review, approve or deny change requests made by collaborators.

Get Notified

Collaborators are automatically notified of approved changes to timelines or hardware specs.

Secure As Hell

Made in the USA

Built from the ground up, on US soil, on Amazon’s GovCloud.


SOC2 and ITAR compliant from day one.


End-to-end encryption on all data transfers and stored files.

Private By Default

Complete control over who sees what and when.

Feature Complete

Share With Anyone

Simply send a password protected link to external stakeholders not using Integrate yet.

Advanced Calculations

Calculate mass or power roll-ups and determine ROM performance needed for a specific programs.

Updates & History

Every change made to objects in Integrate is logged for future reference and searchable.

Stacked Roadmap

New features launched at a blazing cadence.

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